Don't Dwell on Your Limitations

 "Never own a disease. Reduce the amount of time you talk about being ill. Refuse to allow illness a place in your consciousness."

This message showed up several times in my facebook feed last night. And though denial is never helpful, I think there is some truth to the message. Dwelling on the negative, on what I can't change only makes the fatigue worse. Instead I try to dwell on the things I can do and that I am doing. Something it feels like the things I am accomplishing are few and far between. But even so,  there is always something in my life that is positive, that I can focus on and turn my energy toward. Own the positive things in your life. Dwell on the what you can do and don't leave room for illness or chronic fatigue to run your life!


 This post is part of a series of Living Gracefully with Chronic Fagtiue. For the full series as each post is added, click on this link:

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