Tangled Basket Farm has been my dream for many years. My name is Kateri, and I run our little farm with the help of my husband Terry and our vintage farm tractors. 

I have had my hands in the dirt and have been weaving baskets from vines and willows I collected from the woods from the time I was a young child.  

I grew up in a small cabin surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest and abandoned farm land in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. My family grew our own food, plowed the garden with horses, and went without any modern conveniences. My soul was fed by starlight on dark nights, sunrises and bird songs on dewy mornings, long wanderings in the deep forest, and the gentle rolling foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

I am a recovering daughter of patriarchy. My parents wanted to shelter their children from the evils of the world. We were sheltered through homeschooling and allowed little access to anything outside of my parents' belief system. Though the motives may have been good, in practice it left me feeling imprisoned and hopeless. One day I made the decision to walk away from that world and the only life I knew. I was 26 years old, and knew very little about how to function independently as part of society. 

The last several years have been a journey of finding out who I am and understanding where I came from. I put myself through nursing school, and met and married a good man who loves me simply for who I am. In 2009 after 9 years of living in a small city and feeling lost and out of place there, we bought 13 acres out in the country in Ingham County, Michigan. After leaving my parents' home, I finally have a place where my soul can feel at home. 

I now have a place where I can tend the soil and build my dream of living in part from the land again. Right now my life is spent trying to maintain the balance between a demanding, but very rewarding, nursing job, tending my gardens and home, and dealing with what is often a crushing chronic fatigue.

Please visit our Etsy shop and take a look at our handmade baskets and heirloom garlic. And please visit the blog, which I started several years ago to share the every day beauty that I find in my life, as well as the occasional poem and recipe.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy our site and stay a while to visit!